Friday, June 3, 2011

Shoes, No Socks

Happy summer feet.

What a great week.

We all got better.

My husband had a birthday on Monday and we enjoyed the phujeezus out of his day.

It got unbearably hot so we went swimming many times and now it's a tiny bit cooler and wow that's nice.

We planted eggplants and peppers.

Oscar has started signing for milk. Oh my, what a thing to be talked to, to have him look straight at me and make this request. At first I wanted to nurse him whenever he made the sign so that he knew I knew, but then he started goofing with me a little so I learned the sign for later. When I sign it he laughs. He is a mischievous little guy, my imp.

We're having a bánh mì meets barbeque extravaganza supper with some great people this weekend. I am going to be pickling things and baking a cake and B is going to be baking baguettes.

I owe you all a recipe for sweet vermouth, we made some flipping tasty stuff. We're still tinkering with the dry vermouth but we'll get there.

Have great weekends out there.

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queenbeehoney said...

Yay Summer! Love to hear that everyone is better now. Granny would love those blue suede shoes! Hugs for the Jolly Roger.