Wednesday, June 15, 2011

There Will Be Boogers

Boogers 1

Boogers 2

Boogers 3

There's a new camera at our house. The babs is too fast and our house too deficient in light for our old point and shoot. I realized that I had stopped taking photographs because of this, and I missed it very much. Right out of the box and in super low light it rocked my socks. Excited.


A. Bear said...

what'd you get? What'd you get?

queenbeehoney said...

Love that expressive little face.

cake said...

okay, so I remember you getting a new camera. then, I didn't have a chance to look at blogs for a while. then, just now, i looked at the post-new-camera posts. WOW! You always had the photographic touch, but a good camera in your hands is a beautiful thing indeed.

Heather said...

Hey Lady - so nice to see you here. Been missing you! I really enjoyed your last post a lot; working through the "Should I be here now?" is such a good feeling sometimes.