Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wheat & Teal

Grain 2

Dieppas 1

Grain 1

Dieppas 2

It is really hot right now. Like the first real days of summer, even late summer, are here. We are much more active than we might normally be during a heat wave - the kid is happiest with lots of time outside, so outside we go and hot we are. The boy is pure joy these days. He is signing like bananas: milk, water, eat, down, all done, more, bath, toothbrush, hot, cold. This morning he signed for water while standing in front of the washing machine as it filled, the first time he's used it to mean something other than water for himself, and I felt his brain grow as I signed back: yes, water. Yesterday he showed me a spider gliding down from the ceiling, and as I held it in front of him so he could check it out he looked at me questioningly and signed for eat. Good thought, little man, but no spider eating this morning. We harvested and are curing an official riches of onions. Really, really big, beautiful onions. Where will they go? Our small pantry closet is now occupied by two small refrigerators for B's bagel making. We will figure something out. In a few days my uncle comes to visit, I am really happy about that. And in less than three weeks we head to Maine for a week with B's family and time with my girl there. Excited. Lastly, I love my blue shoes. Stay cool out there.

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