Monday, September 26, 2011



Doesn't he look like a tiny little boxer?

Fall fall fall. It is raining acorns where we live, nights are cool, the butternuts are curing, and the red enameled soup pot is pretty much always full of soup or applesauce. We are outside whenever possible, more and more walks instead of strolls, although you gotta plan for Mister Meander and Mister Social. Our guy wants to sniff every flower (oh the theatrical sniffing that goes on!) and visit every human, dog, and cat we see. He will say "bye-bye" for about 15 minutes if you're game.

Fall Osh

Molar number three appears to be taking a break and I would like to personally thank it because I got to sleep in until 6:40. I think I got over eight hours of continuous sleep!

Oscar is giving kisses these days. Pucker up and wait for it, it is the sweetest little wet smooch. He is talking like crazy: mama, dada, bubble, apple, flower, water, shoes, socks, dog, kitty, cracker, BEANS (for some reason he always shouts this word), baby, BB (as in Gramma BB), walk, diaper, pepper, banana, wow, uh-oh, poop, pee, on and on. Obviously half of these words are soundly mangled, but you get the idea. B and I realized that we would have to decide what his first word was since so many arrived all at once and the verdict was: bubble. May you blow one, bathe with one, or otherwise enjoy one soon.


queenbeehoney said...

Oh oh! Yellow rubber boots. Can the Little Man get any more adorable? I am missing all those words and can hardly wait to get a kiss at Rachel's wedding.

Anna McClurg said...

haha. so serious in that first pic! and then look at him go! can't believe he is growing up so fast. :)

Ashley K. said...

I love that he always shouts 'BEAN.' My little 16 month old daughter always whispers 'hot.' So cute!

queenbeehoney said...

The second photo is a real 'Jedi Knight' pose. You expect that broom to do magic things just because of the expression on his face.