Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday Again

Let me say it here so that I don't forget: it is Monday and I feel rested. Our weekend was unplanned and I had only one sort of to-do written on the whole two days. I took long morning walks with Oscar both days, something I enjoy so much. We identify plants (Oscar: "Fwowah!") and he climbs all over certain spots and he walks a lot and we visit certain neighborhood dogs (Oscar: "Doooooaaaa....wah wah wah grrrrrr!") and cats (Oscar: "Tit-ty...mrow mrow mrow!"). His language is pretty much an endless source of hilarity, as it is unpredictable what he will take a go at saying. I think 'pepper' is my favorite so far. He is so cool.

We did something evil to our camera while in Maine, so some photos from that trip will have to stand in here again. Hope all the Mondays are great out there.

jammy boy


sexy mama

windy mam

family portrait



Anna Allen said...

what a good looking bunch you all are! that little man is much too adorable! he looks like he is always full of energy!!

queenbeehoney said...

Great family photos.

dig this chick said...

Catching up. Love it here.

This post, those beautiful family photos made me remember when I first got to 'know' you and then think of your wedding. Crazy. And very cool. Awesome family shots.