Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Eye of the Goat

Eye of the Goat

We have been making such delicious food from this cookbook with these beans. The kid will eat pretty much anything with beans ("BEANS!!!") - so beans it is. Some of the recipes sound a little weird (beans in tomato sauce?) but we have yet to be disappointed.

We head to DC soon to see my oldest friend get hitched. We'll get to see my mom and Johnny and a couple of really old family friends. Can't wait. I want to eat Ethiopian food and sleep while the grandparents play with the baby. Aim high, young mother! Snort.


queenbeehoney said...

WHERE are the baby photos, young lady?

sk said...

I love that cookbook! Have you tried the Kale Bruschetta (I think w/ cranberry beans), or the yellow indian woman bean salad w/ preserved lemons? Both are regulars for us now!

A. Bear said...

I recently heard some very adoring words about the kick buttness of you and your adorable family via a skype conversation with the Sartorius/Bosley parentals. I really fell off the Blog band wagon. Other than that just saying hey.

Unfurled said...

I love kidney beans in tomato-based pasta sauce. Call me crazy.

dig this chick said...

My kids won't eat beans! Which sucks because we eat lots of beans! Ordering from your source. Maybe that will sway them...I just *know* they love beans.


Heather said...

Hey NiciGirl, nice to see you! I feel certain that one Miss Margot will most certainly appreciate the aesthetic beauty of these beans, and who doesn't want to eat what's pretty? I would go with the Borlotti beans with polenta and tomato sauce (iffin the girls eat those two things). We double and sometimes triple the recipe (oh, and we leave out the fennel bulb since they are pricey and we found it hard to taste anyway).