Thursday, November 17, 2011


Big Blues

This little boy:

Is obsessed with the moon. For a while it was parked outside his window right at bedtime, and he has been looking for it every night (and many mornings) since. "Moon? Moon? Moon?"

Has been experimenting with volume. Boy's got some pipes.

Is extremely into drawing, or sometimes just watching us draw. We love these crayons. He's almost as psyched to put them away as he is to get them out.

Has been eating like a starving horse. We are talking massive quantities of beans and grains and veggies and eggs and pasta. Massive.

Is so tall that half of his shirts are crop tops. I secretly love easy tummy access for smooching and tickling.

Still loves a good dance party and will request it with a "Boogie??!??" - an ask nearly impossible to refuse.

May you boogie soon.

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Reds

Japanese Maple

The reds this year are knocking me off my feet. Heart-stopping, mouth-watering, brain-massaging, glorious. I love where we live.

Tupelo Leaves

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Small Boy

My Boy

I love this photograph beyond measure. My small human, how you grow.

My Boy Two

Oscar loves this striped shirt so much that he refuses to wear a sweater over it. Not like he really "wears" it either. He either stretches it over his head or behind his neck...

My Boy Three

...or over his face entirely. You can't hear it through this blogathingy, but he is giggling madly under there.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

We Are Already Spelling Things

Ok, I am getting daily emails from people (you know who you are, people) who are "tired of looking at a handful of beans." Sorry, sorry. They are really good beans! And we've been muscling through a hard couple of weeks in the sleep department. I think things are on the mend though, and we feel pretty ready for the evil time change.

Tiger on the Move

Aside from our sleep woes, things have been really great at Chez Stewart Harvey. We enjoyed the phujeezus out of my oldest friend's wedding, we planted three pounds of garlic, we got visits from two uncles, one aunt, and Oscar's main squeeze, we turned three bushels of apples into applesauce, and Oscar's vocabulary and interest in doing stuff is growing daily. Little Mister turned the crank on the applesauce peeler for at least a bushel of those apples and he his happiest standing on a chair in the kitchen with some sort of task (ideally water related, ahem). He's started to put things away ("'way!") - books, shoes, jammies, etc., and we've reached the point where we have to spell the word 'walk' because when he hears it he heads over to the door, grabs his shoes and jacket and begins to holler "walk! walk! walk!" Yah, even if it's five minutes before bedtime, the kid lives for being outside. On that note - any tips in the toddler glove department? We need to gear up for the cold. Maybe we'll just have him wear that tiger suit, it's got mittens and a hat! (Aside to my mother: ok, he is stinking cute in that suit but you swore it and I'm putting it here for proof: no more prefab costumes! Starting next year I will officially be a Really Bad Mom if I don't make my kid's costume. Mothering ethics, I tell you.)

Tiger Boy

Tiger Loves Elliott

Cute, right? At some point yesterday he just walked into my office in this getup and deadpanned "rawr." As he stood looking at me I could hear B busting a gut around the corner. Good times.