Monday, September 26, 2011



Doesn't he look like a tiny little boxer?

Fall fall fall. It is raining acorns where we live, nights are cool, the butternuts are curing, and the red enameled soup pot is pretty much always full of soup or applesauce. We are outside whenever possible, more and more walks instead of strolls, although you gotta plan for Mister Meander and Mister Social. Our guy wants to sniff every flower (oh the theatrical sniffing that goes on!) and visit every human, dog, and cat we see. He will say "bye-bye" for about 15 minutes if you're game.

Fall Osh

Molar number three appears to be taking a break and I would like to personally thank it because I got to sleep in until 6:40. I think I got over eight hours of continuous sleep!

Oscar is giving kisses these days. Pucker up and wait for it, it is the sweetest little wet smooch. He is talking like crazy: mama, dada, bubble, apple, flower, water, shoes, socks, dog, kitty, cracker, BEANS (for some reason he always shouts this word), baby, BB (as in Gramma BB), walk, diaper, pepper, banana, wow, uh-oh, poop, pee, on and on. Obviously half of these words are soundly mangled, but you get the idea. B and I realized that we would have to decide what his first word was since so many arrived all at once and the verdict was: bubble. May you blow one, bathe with one, or otherwise enjoy one soon.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Catch Up

Four Generations

Holy shit, it takes me so long to get here sometimes. How about just a highlight since last we spoke? Right then, my mum and Granny came to visit us. I don't feel inclined to emote in this space very much any more, so just hear me when I say that this is a very big deal, all four generations of this line sitting at our dining room table eating barley soup together. It was so awesome that quite frankly I've been in a sour little funk since they left. Maybe when they hear that they will come back? I would like that a lot, and so would a certain little boy who was also rather blue when he realized that his doting Gramma B and Granny were gone for good.

Baby Grabbing

Monday, September 12, 2011

Arghlemurph. You win some you lose some. It's Monday, and I'm tired and suffering from an annoyed, distracted feeling that when focused upon reveals to be largely irritation with the extremely bad haircut I got on Friday. I am generally pretty laid back about hairs - I have a lot of them and good grief they are just hairs, but this haircut is so far from what I requested that I'm having trouble making peace with the 6000 layers flying around. I think they want attention and hair goo and a blow dryer. Not happening.

Also, the kid has kissed the six o'clock wake up goodbye. We're telling ourselves that it has to do with molars, but I'm not sure that it makes reading 4:58 on the clock any more pleasant. I confess that I harbor some guilt over this situation. The kid goes to bed like a champ and then sleeps all night without a peep and then I want to hassle him over an hour or forty-five minutes? Plus as a working mom there are kind of two sides of this situation. One: holy shit go back to sleep I am tired and have to go to work in three hours. Or two: Good morning, I am so psyched that you are awake because now we can hang out for three! whole! hours! before I have to go to work and miss seeing your shining little face. He is so freakin' fun in the morning. All the words come out and he is snuggly and funny and pretty much the brightest thing ever. Anyway, I think I would be doing better accessing number two if it weren't for the looming reality of The Evil Time Change. When I am Queen there will be no stinkin' time change and I will be the patron saint of those with small children and farm animals.

Basil Pinchings

Still no camera, so you get a photo that has probably already been on here once: basil. This weekend we made the last of the pesto for the winter and put up our first batch of applesauce. Warm applesauce, yes please. I love fall.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday Again

Let me say it here so that I don't forget: it is Monday and I feel rested. Our weekend was unplanned and I had only one sort of to-do written on the whole two days. I took long morning walks with Oscar both days, something I enjoy so much. We identify plants (Oscar: "Fwowah!") and he climbs all over certain spots and he walks a lot and we visit certain neighborhood dogs (Oscar: "Doooooaaaa....wah wah wah grrrrrr!") and cats (Oscar: "Tit-ty...mrow mrow mrow!"). His language is pretty much an endless source of hilarity, as it is unpredictable what he will take a go at saying. I think 'pepper' is my favorite so far. He is so cool.

We did something evil to our camera while in Maine, so some photos from that trip will have to stand in here again. Hope all the Mondays are great out there.

jammy boy


sexy mama

windy mam

family portrait