Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Eye of the Goat

Eye of the Goat

We have been making such delicious food from this cookbook with these beans. The kid will eat pretty much anything with beans ("BEANS!!!") - so beans it is. Some of the recipes sound a little weird (beans in tomato sauce?) but we have yet to be disappointed.

We head to DC soon to see my oldest friend get hitched. We'll get to see my mom and Johnny and a couple of really old family friends. Can't wait. I want to eat Ethiopian food and sleep while the grandparents play with the baby. Aim high, young mother! Snort.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall Days

We are back with the molars. Numbers three and four have finally poked their craggy peaks through, and not without some cost in the sleep department. We are also determined to push the sleep back, both for my sanity and in light of the upcoming Evil Time Change. Wish us luck, it's all a little crazy sometimes.

Oscar loves this broom. Yesterday he walked all the way down the street with it, my tiny street sweeper. I know Maria Montessori would want me to get him one his own size, but would be as hilarious? I think not.

Street Sweeper 1

Street Sweeper 2

The photos above and below were taken right after his nap. His face is so open just after he wakes and at times I think it's the best window into what he might look like as adult. Kills me.

Conductor 3

Conductor 1

Conductor 2