Wednesday, January 18, 2012


More than half of January has scampered by. Yeesh.

Embroidery 1

Finally wintery here. A light dusting of snow this weekend was extremely exciting - kid loves his snow gear (seriously, this morning I had to hide his mittens because he wanted to eat his grits with them on). We suspect that it's not snowing this year because we finally bought a sled. Maybe I should return it?

Embroidery 2

I have been embroidering lately. Or sewing with thread. Whatever. Making small patterns. I find that it keeps me from going bananas in long meetings. These will be bracelets. Or somethings.

New Hairs

I have crazy streaks in my hairs now. My mom promptly told me that I looked like a skunk. I'm not even sure I like it but my hair was boring me to tears yet I can't bring myself to cut it off yet.


maria said...

I did this last year in the summer time, and I felt like I really did look like a skunk - I am allowing the gray to come back naturally and now I feel like I have three colors.

Embroidery is such a fun craft.


queenbeehoney said...

Skunks are the shit! Who else can manage to sport such opposite colors side-by-side naturally? I mean, think about this, people. Totally white shiny fur, then one millimeter away ~ totally black shiny fur. No wonder humans want to copy that kind of unimaginable evolutionary magic. I love your hair, please don't cut it off.

I'm so wowed by your embroidery!