Monday, January 9, 2012

Flying Boy
Yet another kickass photograph taken by one of our traveling partners in crime, Josh. I have a feeling there is even more yet to come...

Rainy, rainy Monday. A good day for browsing through photographs from a tropical island. I miss that warm water, but it's also good to be home. Sleep on the road was a bit tricky, so we're so glad to be back to the land of nod. Took Osh two nights to remember how to sleep through the night, not bad. He was so funny when we got home; he spent about an hour just running from room to room. Running is kind of new, we like it a lot.

Sand Play

My Boys


The View

Dorky though they may be, our family was really happy to avoid sunburn in those sunproof shirts. Highly recommend them, takes a lot of the oh-god-the-baby-is-getting-fried stress out of the equation. Although I'd avoid the light blue color unless you want to show some nipples...

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queenbeehoney said...

You all look so sleek, sophisticated and 'French', it's ridiculous.