Monday, March 12, 2012

Faces of Osh

Osh Reading

This guy. Loves his books. We read and read and read. He is also a fan of necklaces. He owns several.

Mama & Osh


A Signature Face

Blurry and super signature Osh face. Love that boy.


queenbeehoney said...

After the day I've had today, this post is just what I needed. That last pic......

Zoe Ryder White said...

Aww! Such sweet faces, on the both of youse.

cake said...

love that book! we just discovered it at the library, and even a 6 year old enjoys tracing that road through the book with his finger. and through the end pages, and all around the cover, to start all over again.

really cute signature face!

judith said...

came back to see em again. love this capture.