Tuesday, July 3, 2012


We're back from Maine.  We loved every minute of it and as always I leave with a sense that there's a home for us there.  We might not ever live in it, but it's there.  We love our people there so much and then there's that wild coastline and incredible ocean air and food to die for.


We were there for some milestones.  B and I walked our wedding field on our fourth anniversary.  It's every bit as beautiful as we remember and there is powerful magic for us in that spot.  Four years full of such riches, I am so grateful for them. 

Photo 4

Photo 3

And in the department of riches our small human turned two.  Our family there turned out for an all-day celebration that let me just say ended up in a pile of tickle wrestling with Osh's grandmother on the bottom.  Good times.

Polly & Osh

And speaking of Osh's gran, those two were thick as thieves.  A real pleasure to see them honing their inside jokes and generally cracking themselves up all day.

More to come.


queenbeehoney said...

Such a sweet pic of Polly and Osh. He two now. So hard to believe. Glad you had a wonderful time.

Lauren Knight said...

Just stumbled across your blog-- it's lovely! I adore that first picture of you and your guy. Also, the fact that you call your son your little human is awesome.