Monday, August 20, 2012

Pink Shoes

Osh 1

Osh 3

Osh 4

Osh 2

This kid is so silly these days.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Friends

These August days are flying by.  We can kill hours shooting the breeze on the front porch: watering things, picking things, pointing out bright birds, planting seeds.  We are barefoot, we are constantly grubby, we are all sleeping great.

osh+felix (Photo by Leya)

Last weekend our family took a deep breath and had a big old blind date with another family, known to us only in the weird internetty way of things. 


These three rolled right over from the easterly part of this fine state, and jeezopete did we have fun.  There was dancing and jumping in traded boots and a campfire and river swimming and cape wearing and tunes on the porch and some birthday cake and a whole lot of laughing and some really fine talks about all manner of things.  I think Oscar will forever refer to our spare bedroom as "Leya's room" and pretty much every day he's got something to say about these three, like this from this morning:

O: Mama, remember Dustin?
M: Yes, I sure do. What do you remember about him?
O: Birfday candles.  Dustin and birfday candles.


O: Mama, where's Felix?
M: Probably in Felix's house right about now.
O: Yeah.  He's prolly sleeping in his house.
M: In Leya's dreams. [It was eight in the morning.]

Tomato Jungle (Photo by Leya)

He's also got a lot to say about that baby in Leya's belly - what a treat to see that gal just before a new one joins them.  Eeeps.  Anyway, we'd do it again in a hot second and in fact we plan to.  Once that little bean gets settled in over there that is.  Thanks for the visit, Leya, Dustin, and Felix - you warmed our new house beyond measure.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Faces of Osh




Just before a haircut.  Seriously, I am his mama, I know it, but how pretty is that boy? 

We have been to far lands and back since I was last here.  Home to my family.  Into the wilds of moving a home.  Through the woods of unpacking.  Over the meadows of welcoming new friends into our new place (more on that later).  Into the trenches of a stomach virus (a first for the kid).

We love our new house.  The small human tears through its long parts, feet hammering the floor while shouting "I love this house!"  We are playing tunes on a porch where the eye sees little more than things that grow.  I am riding a bike through three pastures to work every morning.  We are harvesting armloads from the beautiful garden our friends left for us, tending to small fruit trees they left sweetly labeled for us.  Fall has been flirting at the edge of the heat.